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Choosing the right cat food can enhance all of your cats super powered senses!

A cat has a far better understanding of the world around her than we think she does. The cat’s vision, hearing, and smell allow the feline to be an extremely successful hunter! That is probably not the single most important reason for adopting a cat into your home. However, when you realize that the rodent population is always seeking out a new place to live and breed, then having a cat in your home may turn into a very wise family health decision. The modern-day domestic cats may have the senses that would enable them to be hunters but may lack the skill set that they would need to have learned from their mother and since their survival does not depend on their hunting skills, today’s cats may not be the greatest of mousers

Henry and his prized catch

Cat’s Hearing

A cat’s hearing is far greater than ours, in fact a cat can hear three times better than the average human and they can hear high pitched frequencies that humans can’t hear.  Rodents emit these types of sounds which is why a cat can find them very easily in tall grass or other areas when we are unaware of their presence.

Cat’s Seeing

The cat’s sight is their most dominant sense. You may have seen the cat’s eyes glow in the dark. This is due to a reflective layer behind the retina called the tapetum lucidum. If a flashlight or headlight shines into the cat’s eyes it will reflect like a mirror. This can momentarily blind a cat which may result in cat fatalities on the road. Cat’s have binocular type vision, being able to see in a three-dimensional image what is in front of them. However, their peripheral vision is not as well defined especially in some breeds such as Siamese cats.

Cat’s Tongue

The cat’s tongue has several different purposes. Its rough texture is suited well for grooming like a brush and can pull out loose hairs, however this may also result in hairballs being caught in the cat’s throat. Cats are constant groomers and if you notice that your cat is not cleaning and grooming himself to the point of looking unkempt or dirty, this may be a sign that he is not feeling well or possibly depressed. On the other hand, if the cat seems to groom excessively then there may be an indication of allergies or a skin problem. The muscles in the tongue are very strong which allows the cat to pull apart meat before it swallows. The tongue also acts as a cup pulling up water to drink.

You may be concerned about your cat’s drinking habits as some cats don’t seem interested in drinking a lot of water and this may result in digestive difficulties. Some cats will not drink water that is directly beside their food. It is believed that a cross contamination from the food to the water makes the water undesirable for the cat. Having a fresh supply of water away from the food may encourage better drinking. This would also explain why a cat prefers to drink out of a dripping tap.

Cat’s Sense of Smell

A cat’s sense of smell is also very keen and well defined. Cat’s smell is about 14 times stronger then that of a human. The cat uses its nose but there are also scent organs in the roof of the cat’s mouth and as it breaths in the cat can decipher and understand its surroundings. If it looks like your cat is “panting” it may be that she is smelling through her mouth.

Cat’s Sense of Taste

A cat’s sense of taste is the weakest of all their senses. The cat is a carnivore and meat, protein and fat is all they really crave. They do not care for sweets and they get the required amount of salt from the meat.

Cat’s Sense of Touch

A cat’s sense of touch is extremely fine-tuned. You may have heard about a cat’s whiskers being important as they allow the cat to measure the diameter of an opening to determine if the whiskers fit then the body will fit. Cats also have tufts filled with sensors on and in their ears, on their legs, and around their toes which are extremely sensitive. A cat’s neurotransmitters work much faster than that of humans sending messages to their brains and responding almost instantly.

Super powered cats are amazing pets who have all of these special powers and instincts, however, if you want to make sure that your super powered cat stays healthy and lives a long and happy life, and keeps her super powers in tact, the best way to have a healthy cat is to ensure that they are being fed a natural holistic cat food that has all the nutrients your cat requires without any unnecessary chemicals, fillers or other additives. Riplees Ranch Cat Food is a Canadian pet food that you can trust. https://petaffection.ca/product/cat-food-chicken-recipe/

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