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You are thinking about getting a pet, congratulations!
This could be the beginning of a long meaningful loving relationship!

What are you hoping to get when you pick out a new pet?

Is it loyalty and companionship such as you might get from a dog or a cat? Is it the talking ability that you might find in a bird? Could it be that bright colors that you find in tropical fish? Research shows that families with pets are generally healthier and happier. Children who grow up in homes where there are pets can care for another being and learn responsibility. Pets provide companionship for people of all ages and cause people to be less self-centered.

Is there any reason why getting a certain kind pet may not be a good idea?

There can also be circumstances where it would be better not to have a certain kind of pet. There may be someone with allergies in the home, possibly the cat fur or rabbit dander may cause some problems.
What kind of pet will you bring home?
A Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish, Reptile, Rabbit, hamster, gerbil, guinea pig or something else?

It is especially important that you plan properly before you decide what kind of pet to pick and how it will fit into your lifestyle. There are several different things to consider

.1.Where do you live? In a house, an apartment, on a friends couch?

  2. Who owns the place? I do, we do, family, friend or a landlord?

3. Are pets allowed where I live?

4. How much space is available for a new pet?

5. Do I share my home with anyone else?

6. How active am I?

7. Can I afford to keep a pet?

8. Who will look after the pet?

9. Where will I get the pet?

These are just a few of the important issues to consider when you are thinking about bringing a new pet into your world.

If you are looking for a domestic pet to be part of your family is it necessary to come from a breeder? Is this pet going to be a show animal? Do you plan on breeding this animal? If you answered no to these questions, there is really no reason why you cannot pick your pet from a rescue or shelter.

Dog at shelter with couple

Rescue animals need a second chance in life. I would suggest that If you have never looked for an animal before you may not realize how many animals are waiting in shelters, how many animals have been euthanized because they have been in the shelter too long.

Currently, we are in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic and the amount of people that are bringing home new pets is soaring as people have been spending so much time at home, socially isolated from the life that we used to know. Pets have filled a void of loneliness and companionship for many people. This has been a positive impact on people and the rescue pets that have found new homes. However what is going to happen when the world starts getting back to normal? Will these animals find themselves back in a shelter or will the people make accommodations in their lives to keep the pets as part of their families? I am hoping that these new pet owners will have come to realize what a positive impact the pet has had on their family’s lives and take the steps necessary to keep the pets.

Small Mammals

If you decided to pick a small mammal such as a rabbit or a guinea pig is that that best suited for your situation, there are still several things to consider. If you have small children a rabbit or a guinea pig would probably be better than a hamster as the hamsters more likely to bite. Gerbils are friendly but they tend to escape from their cages. If you have other pets in the home such as a cat or dog is especially important that these small mammals be kept in a place where they are safe.

Housing for small mammals is essential; plastic based cages are more hygienic than metal and tend not to rust. However, some small mammals tend to chew through plastic containers. This is especially true with hamsters. Small mammals like to have bedding in which they can burrow; straw or shredded paper is a good base. Tubular systems are popular, especially with hamsters; separate sections can be added to feed, sleep, and exercise. Rabbits can be allowed to run free in the home, and they can even learn to use the litter box. However, they have been known to chew on electrical cords. It’s important that the rabbit still has a cage for safety and alone time.


Dogs are one of the most popular types of pets, there are more than 350 types of breeds of dogs. Dogs come in many different sizes from small Chihuahuas and teacup poodles to bull mastiffs and great danes. Small dogs are generally chosen as companion dogs and can be comfortable in a smaller space, while the larger breeds require more space and exercise.

After you have decided on the size of the dog you would like, next comes choosing the breed; companion dogs such as toy poodles and bichon are generally friendly but sometimes have issues with small children. Breeds like terriers and Jack Russell’s can be full of energy; they may not take well to strangers and have small children issues. Herding dogs such as border collies are brilliant and easy to train; they are also active and need a great deal of exercise. Hound dogs can be friendly but not so easy to train. It is important to research the breed of dog you are planning to get better to understand their personality types and possible behavioral issues.


When choosing a cat, I would suggest do not make your decision solely based on his looks. There are many things to consider when picking a cat.

  • Age
  • Personality
  • Ability to fit into your lifestyle

Older kittens and tween’s who have not had a lot of contact with people may be fearful or skittish. Shy cats will feel more comfortable in an environment where people are gentle and kind. They may start out with trust issues and may take them a while to feel safe. Having another cat or dog in the home generally makes them happier and not so lonely.

Fun active cats love to be involved in everything that you are doing and be the centre of attention. Mature and mellow cats like a quieter environment and are usually well behaved and like to cuddle or curl up on your lap.

Kittens and puppies are playful and curious it is necessary to kitten and puppy proof your home.

I believe that pets come into our lives for particular reasons; they teach us how to care for and love another being; they show us unconditional love, helping us fight loneliness and depression. Pets help us to become more social and encourage exercise and play. Pets work in support roles to enhance our lives. How will your next pet come into your life? When your situation changes, will you still see the benefits of having a pet in your life, or will they become disposable?

Bringing a pet into your world is a long-term commitment and not to be taken lightly. This is a living breathing being that depends on you to be responsible and caring. Picking a pet is adding a member to your family! If your situation is not quite right, or if you have any doubts, then wait until you can be a forever pet parent.

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