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Hello Everyone,
Welcome to our New Website!

This website is your online connection to Pet Affection and Riplees Ranch Winnipeg!
My Name is Kelley Post and my husband Larry and I own Riplees Ranch Winnipeg, a Canadian natural pet food distribution company.

We are the Manitoba distributors of Riplees Ranch Pet Food!

On our website you can order “Riplees Ranch Pet Food and many different kinds of natural pet treats. If you are in Winnipeg or surrounding area, we will deliver it to your door.

We have met a lot of people with a lot of different pets. It’s amazing just how much a part of the family our pets have become! Everyone and their dog has a unique story about the relationship that they share, I’ve decided to gather those stories and put them in a book. By sharing stories of people and their pets it makes other people smile, it encourages people to get a pet, we enjoy hearing about the many benefits of having a pet and we encourage better treatment of animals in general.

I am seeking to understand the love connection that we share with our pets. Those of us who share our homes and living spaces with an animal can tell you that a type of relationship has grown between us people and our pets. However it might not be quite so easy to tell you “why and how” that relationship has developed. So to get a better understanding of different people/pet relationships, I’ve decided to research my query by gathering stories. As I gather these stories I am putting them together in a book entitled “The Pet Affection”.

In this book I have covered the following topics; picking a pet, pet nutrition, communication with your pet, pet senses, understanding emotions and behaviours in your pet, understanding fears and stressors in your pet, pet personalities, social behaviours, training pets, dealing with aggression and discipline in our pets, exercise and play, working pets, what to do if your pet goes missing, grieving the death of a pet, and my pet, yes they are part of my family. I gathered stories from pet loving contributors for this book, everyday people with pets who have a story they could share. Anyone who contributed to this book has access to the book as a fundraiser. (Ask me for details)

There are so many animals that are in need of a good home and there are so many people in need of a good pet. So often we hear of rescues and animal shelters being filled to capacity. We hear of perfectly good animals being euthanized because they’ve stayed too long in the shelter. We also hear about lonely people, depressed people, those who just don’t feel that they to have a purpose….. Maybe they need a pet? We see people who would like to get out and exercise, maybe they need a companion, maybe they need a dog or a cat. We see the benefits that families enjoy by adopting a pet into their home. For most people in this world they could give you a reason why they would like Pet. Not everyone’s circumstances allow for a pet. Nor is everyone capable of looking after a pet. However, there are not many people in this world who would not benefit from the love of a pet.

The book has finally arrived, after months of writing and gathering stories from pet lovers, the book has finally come into print. We are planning to meet with the contributors, set up book launches, book signings, radio and television spots as well as having the book available at the local book stores, McNally Robinson, Coles, Chapters Indigo, soon to be on Amazon, through the contributors and from our website

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