About Us

We are Kelley and Larry Post and theses adorable Poodle/bichon fur-babies are Ginger and Peachy!
We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the center of Canada, Manitoba Heart Beats!

We own Riplees Ranch Winnipeg, a pet food distribution company that offers Canadian Natural Holistic Pet Food and Treats!.
Our head office is in Vancouver BC with distributors all across Canada.
We have met hundreds of loving pet owners, People who care deeply about the well being of their pets and want to feed their fur-babies the best pet food available on the market. Riplees Ranch has been around since 1995.
We have become associated with pet organizations and pet people who have one basic thing in common and that is their love for pets and animals.

I have found that people who love animals are the kindest most caring people in the world! I have also found that the relationships between people and their pets is amazing and wonderful. I have become so intrigued by the impact that our animals can have on our lives, that I have decided to write a book about that very topic entitled “ The Pet Affection!
Many pet owners and organizations have contributed stories and articles to this book articulating the impact of the person/pet relationships. Through my studies and research, I have gained an understanding of the psychological, physical, and mental health benefits of the relationships that we share with our pets.
Pet Affection, has evolved as a site where pet knowledge can be gained, fundraising opportunities are offered and community resources can be shared.